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    From the ICF New Jersey President

    Brien Dunphy, PCC
    2020 ICF New Jersey President
    [email protected]

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    Upcoming Education & Professional Development Events

    ICF New Jersey has decided to postpone the Friday, March 20th, workshop “Wake Up Your Business Outreach” due to the current Covid-19 concerns. As soon as there is information suggesting that it is safer to meet, we will reschedule the workshop. The health of our members and guests is our utmost concern. If you have any questions, please email Lynn Schaber at [email protected].

    "The Art of Giving Up the Need to Know:
    Expand Your Listening Presence & Your Curiosity"

    Date and Time: Thursday, April 2, 2020, 7:00 to 8:00 pm (EDT)

    CCEU: 1.5 CCEUs in Core Competencies pending ICF approval

    Are you a coach who:

    • Wants to strengthen your questioning and listening skills
    • Desires to expand your capacity to be fully present and quiet your "expertness" and busy mind while coaching?
    • Is preparing for your first ICF credential (ACC, PCC or MCC)?
    • Is re-certifying your current ICF credential?
    • If so, this free ICF NJ introductory webinar given by Lerae Gydik, MCC, is for you!

    Program Details

    This April 2nd webinar will serve as an introduction to Lerae's upcoming May to June, four-week webinar series, "Coaching with Impact and Ease: If You're Working Too Hard, You're Not Coaching!," where the COACH ME Model will be explored, with an emphasis on Establishing the Coaching Agreement. During her four-week experiential course, you'll have the opportunity to interact with the model through observing a coaching demonstration, practicing with your peers, and receiving feedback. You will also develop insight into the mindset necessary for increasing proficiency in establishing the coaching agreement.

    For questions about this event, please contact Lynn Schaber at 732-822-3274 or [email protected].

    "Coaching With Impact & Ease -
    If You’re Working Too Hard, Then You’re Not Coaching!"

    In this video, Lynn Schaber interviews Lerae Gidyk about the upcoming webinar series:

    Time/ Dates: 7:00-8:30 pm (EDT), Thursdays: May 7 & 21; June 4 & 18, 2020

    CCEU: 8.5 hours of ICF Core Competencies CCEUs and 1.5 CCEUs in Resource Development.

    Speaker: Lerae Gydik, MCC. To learn more about Lerae, please visit her website at: https://www.souldesigns.ca/

    Are You A Coach Who?

    • Wishes to deepen, identify, and shift structure, proficiency, and specific mindsets within your coaching conversations?
    • Wants to create and implement a clear coaching agreement?
    • Is curious about the COACH ME model and its principles, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies?
    • Seeks to practice, observe, and share feedback while using the model?
    • Wants to apply what they learn from the COACH ME model and practice to enrich their coaching conversations?

    If so, this engaging, informative, and experiential webinar series is for you!

    In this course you’ll be introduced to the COACH ME Model and interact with the model experientially through observing a coaching demonstration, practicing with your peers, and receiving feedback. You will also develop insight into the mindset necessary for increasing proficiency in establishing the agreement. The series includes four (4) 90-minute online classes with learning assignments to be completed between classes.

    For more information, please contact Lynn Schaber at 732-822-3274 or [email protected].

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    ICF New Jersey Community Groups

    This month we are all adjusting to a new reality, and we want to keep everyone safe. Therefore, all in-person community groups will move to a virtual platform until April 15 when we will reevaluate. Although the mode of these groups will change, the purpose remains the same. Whether it is building skills as a coach, discussing how to handle ‘touchy’ client situations, or how to build our businesses, we are there to gain wisdom and support each other. They say ‘it takes a village’ and our ICF community groups help foster that ‘village'! Seen here is a recent picture of our ICF Monmouth Community Group.

    A few notables:

    1) We are shifting one leader of our daytime ICF Virtual Community Group. Marc Strano is stepping down (thank you SO much Marc for all you did to get this group off to a great start!), and we now welcome Rob Imperato as Regan Elliott’s co-leader. Rob is a PCC accredited coach and is certified in emotional intelligence. His intention for coaching is for each person to feel a greater sense of self-worth, to feel empowered to move forward, and to create what they want in their career and life. We look forward to him sharing his wisdom and to leading some great group discussions. WELCOME Rob!

    2) The ICF Community Group leaders met recently to discuss how to foster more communication between groups and share best practices and great topics. All working together to serve our ICF members.

    3) Two of our ICF Community Groups are leveraging social media to share information and resources. Our Monmouth ICF NJ Community Group started a Facebook group called ‘The Coaching Support Group of Monmouth County…and Beyond.” Our Princeton Group has a LinkedIn Group called ‘ICF NJ Princeton Community of Practice.’ Note, these social media groups are about coaches in those community groups helping each other; they are not for advertisement of coaching services.

    As I shared in the February newsletter, please let me know if you have any interest in joining or leading a group in Northern NJ, or even one in another area of the state. If I hear enough interest along with someone who steps up to lead, we will target a new group to accommodate. We are always focused on how to best meet the needs of our members.

    If/as there are other changes this year, we will always keep you posted.

    To get specific information on dates/times for all of the community groups (and call-in information for the virtual ones), please go to this link:

    ICF New Jersey Community Groups

    Come join us!

    Questions? Contact Denise Yosafat at [email protected].

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    Welcome to Our New ICF New Jersey Members!

    Bergen County
    Carlene Zanne
    Somerset County
    Judy McHugh
    Burlington County
    Kathleen Cashman-Walter
    Union County
    Tara Cavanagh
    Abbe Rosenthal
    Middlesex County
    Kathi Love
    Debra Brosnan
    Passaic County
    Heather Brims
    Jessica Day

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    Congratulations to Our Newly Credentialed Members

    Abbe Rosenthal, PCC
    Amy Daws, PCC
    Casey DeStefano, PCC
    Christi Oh, ACC
    Kathleen Cashman-Walter, PCC
    Stacey Staaterman, PCC
    Tatjana Braune, ACC

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    You can also find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/icfnj/ and on Twitter @ICFNJ.

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