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    President's Message

    Hello ICF NJ Members,

    Fellow ICF Coaches, if you’re anything like me, when it’s October you look forward to haunted houses! You get all excited to go and then, once there, spend the entire time with your eyes half-closed, just waiting for it to be over! You paid good money, you may have waited in a long line, you knew it would be scary, and you still walked through the whole house half-blind, just looking for the exit!

    That might be one way to get through a haunted house, but not facing your fears with eyes wide open is no way to walk through your coaching business.

    I would like to share an article from Entrepreneur magazine that really resonated with me and helped me face many fears of being a solopreneur. I hope you enjoy it too.

    11 Fears Every Entrepreneur Must Overcome
    It wouldn't be an adventure if it wasn't scary.

    by Deep Patel, VIP Contributor

    Fear is a fundamental part of human psychology. Our brains are wired to feel fear because it helps us avoid calamity; it keeps us safe. But fear can also hold us back -- if we let it. Fear feeds on fear, meaning the more we try to avoid something we’re afraid of, the bigger and deeper our anxiety grows. To overcome this, we must face our deep-seated misgivings and worries. We have to acknowledge our fears and find ways to move beyond them. There are many common fears that entrepreneurs face. If we don’t confront those challenges, the fears will ultimately consume us. Whatever your fears are, now is the time to take them on and overcome what would otherwise keep you from succeeding.

    Andrea Harvey, PCC
    2019 ICF New Jersey President
    [email protected]

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    Congratulations to all our ICF NJ raffle winners!
    All three members shown below participated in our raffles due to their membership and involvement in the chapter.
    Fernando Barrancos - Won a free ticket for the WBECS summit

    Lynn Schaber - Won a free ticket for the WBECS summit

    Maryanne Spatola - Won a free ticket to ICF NJ's Mindfulness
    Webinar Series

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    Sponsorships and Strategic Partners

    What do you love about the process of coaching? Personally, I am energized by discovery. It’s a gift to be able to walk with someone as they discover how to raise their game. Interestingly, one of the joys of my particular board role is the opportunity to discover all the different companies that exist to serve New Jersey professional coaches, particularly with learning opportunities.

    You’ll see a WBECS program advertised on the left, and will learn about others via email and our website. These sponsors make it possible for ICF NJ to create bespoke programming just for our fellow New Jersey coaches! We have a fantastic mindfulness series starting this month - consider sponsoring 1 or more of the webcasts in that series. Our redesigned website is gorgeous - and the rotating banner at the top is prime real estate to catch your target market’s attention. So help your fellow coaches discover your programs, products and services by becoming a chapter sponsor.

    Don’t forget: ICF NJ members receive a 10% discount off of all packages!

    Supriya Desai
    Sponsorship and Strategic Partnerships Director 
    [email protected]

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    ICF New Jersey Volunteer Coaching Opportunity

    Do you want to make a critical difference in a woman's life? To empower her to achieve economic independence and a sense of fulfillment?

    ICF NJ is planning to partner with Dress for Success (D4S) Morris County to help women succeed as part of their 'Bridge for Success' program, which is aimed at helping women transition into the workforce and take more control of their lives.

    Bridge for Success is often the next step after women come out of a 10-week 'Steps for Success' program but have not yet landed a job. It is an opportunity for the women to still get support as they continue to reach out for opportunities.

    We are looking for volunteers to facilitate a group of women every other week via Zoom for 90 minutes to help them challenge barriers that may block them from finding out what's next in their careers, and to build confidence and resilience as they work to positively change their lives.

    We'd like to start offering this help at the beginning of 2020, and D4S estimates the group size will be about 10-15 people. The time of day/day of the week of the Zoom meeting has not been set yet, and they are open to coaches' availability in scheduling.

    We are piloting this group - and are sure we will learn along the way how to best service D4S clients with our coaching expertise. Hope you can join in this wonderful effort to give a group of women a leg up in life!

    If interested, please contact me at [email protected].

    Best always,

    Denise Yosafat
    ICF New Jersey Community Groups Director
    [email protected]

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    ICF New Jersey Community Groups

    Introducing: ICF-NJ Virtual Executive & Leadership Coaching Affinity Group!

    The Executive and Leadership Coach Affinity group experienced technical difficulties in October, so the meeting had to be aborted. But we're not going to let a little technology glitch stop us! The group will now get started in November. The topic for this first meeting will be Executive Coaching trends and the implications for us all. Come join us for a lively discussion on November 6 and mark your calendar for future meetings as well!

    Here are all the upcoming dates for meetings. The group meets from 6:30-8:00 pm ET.

    Nov. 6, Dec. 4
    Jan. 8, Feb. 5, Mar. 4
    April 1, May 6, June 3

    Our co-leaders for this group are Marc Strano and Lynne Roe, who are experienced in leading our daytime virtual group. Marc will continue to be a co-leader for the daytime group, along with Regan Elliott. The daytime group will continue to be focused on a variety of topics for different types of coaching.

    To get specific information on dates/times for all of the community groups (and call-in information for the virtual ones), please go to this link:
    ICF New Jersey Community Groups

    Come join us!

    Best always,
    Denise Yosafat
    ICF New Jersey Community Groups Director
    [email protected]

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    Upcoming Education & Professional Development Events

    Save the Date!

    Tuesday, November 19th starting at 6 PM.

    Join your fellow ICF-NJ members for an evening of networking and a theme of gratitude.

    In addition to some fun activities and a delicious meal, we will hold our annual chapter meeting and review what we accomplished in 2019.

    We hope you can join us.

    More information to follow soon.

    Lynn Schaber and Elias Scultori
    ICF NJ Education and Professional Development Co-Directors
    [email protected]

    Great insights and learning were shared at ICF NJ’s October 16th in-person event on “Coaching Inside an Organization - How to Get In and Drive Impact.”

    Special thanks to Right Management for hosting. Those on the panel sharing their wisdom include facilitator, Sharon Lipovsky and panelists Beverly Wallace, Karen Lewis, Emmanuel Yamoah, and Maryanne Spatola.

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    From the ICF New Jersey Blog...

    Executive Coaching Conversations: Face-to-Face or Virtual?

    As organizations increasingly turn to executive coaching for support and development, delivery options are expanding. Coaching is no longer limited to face-to-face conversations; telephone, Skype, and other webcam tools are decidedly on the rise. What impact does virtual coaching have on the coaching conversation?

    As a bilingual Executive Coach, I was recently asked to work with a client based in the Dominican Republic. Although the idea of a Caribbean excursion was certainly appealing, the travel costs associated with multiple 1-2 hour sessions were less attractive for the client. Through a mix of telephone and Skype conversations, the leader and I effectively addressed the myriad considerations for her to be successful in her new role. The advent of enhanced communications and new web-based technologies allowed for successful outcomes based on remote delivery.

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    ICF Global - What's New in the Coaching World?

    Our theme this month, Strengthening Connections, can mean many different things. Here’s a few articles from ICF Global Coaching World:

    The Importance of finding a tribe as a coach
    How to build your Twitter following as a coach
    How to coach millennials
    Co-creating across cultures: The importance of pre-work


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