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    Take your membership to the next level by participating in an ICF NJ Board committee. Becoming a committee member is an excellent opportunity to be actively engaged in designing the future of ICF NJ. Work with a team of committed professional coaches to meet ICF NJ’s mission of enhancing the visibility, credibility and trust of the coaching profession and its members. Enjoy the benefits of enhancing and employing your particular talents and coaching skills, while enjoying the visibility of being part of ICF NJ’s dedicated team. Below are the ICF NJ Committees that are open for new members. Please click the link below the committee description to indicate your interest.                                                           


    The Chapter Secretary is responsible for scheduling, preparing the agenda for, and documenting board meetings (voting results, decisions, actions, discussions).

    Committee members are needed to help:

    • Achieve breakthroughs in time management, organizational communications, and coordination of team activities
    • Connect with all other roles on the ICF NJ Board.


    Get involved with the Secretary committee.


    The Treasurer has responsibility for the funds, securities, receipts and disbursements of the Corporation, all books of account, and preparation and reconciliation of the monthly P&L and balance sheet. It must meet all reporting requirements, including the annual report, annual financial statement and any information requested by the board and members.

    Committee members are needed to help:

    • Assist in the preparation of monthly financials and reconciliation of bank account and merchant statements
    • Challenge the fiscal thought process of the chapter and help identify efficiencies in Treasury role

    Get involved with the Treasury committee.


    The Communications committee works with the board and membership to create, curate and disseminate communications designed to educate, inform and engage the New Jersey coaching community through newsletters, social media outreach, blog posts and emails.

    Committee members are needed to help:

    • Identify and provide engaging, relevant content
    • Provide expertise in social media, marketing and outreach
    • Edit and proofread

    Get involved with the Communications committee.

    Education and Professional Development (EPD)

    EPD’s role is to create initiatives to support ICF NJ’s members as they grow their coaching practices. We focus our programs in three main areas: Skills Development, Business Development and Personal Development.

    Committee members are needed to:

    • Be a speaker’s liaison
    • Work on location logistics
    • Coordinate with ICF Global - including CCEUs application
    • Host events

    Get involved with the Events and Professional Development committee.


    The Membership committee’s primary goals are to grow, sustain and support membership through Recruitment, Engagement, and Retention activities.

    Committee members are needed to:

    • Contact and communicate with ACTP certifying agencies to reach coaches in training
    • Assist in new member/ potential member communication
    • Participate in the onboarding process (once that is developed)
    • Assist with the renewal process
    • Assist in developing a membership satisfaction/expectations survey


    Get involved with the Membership committee.

    Community Groups

    The role of the Community Groups committee is aimed at building ways for coaches to informally network with each other, discuss coaching trends and challenges, and continue their development as coaches.

    We are looking for committee members to lead or co-lead community groups, which involves:

    • Handling timing, communications, and logistics of the meetings
    • Facilitating discussion at the meeting
    • Acting as an ICF ambassador, sharing timely and relevant information

    Get involved with the Community groups.

    Strategic Partnership/Sponsorship

    The objective of the Strategic Partnership/Sponsorship committee is to elevate the profile and visibility of ICF New Jersey, its member coaches and the coaching profession - specifically in New Jersey - by partnering with reputable organizations in a variety of ways to achieve our objective. We have the privilege of exploring new opportunities to partner with organizations that value coaching to achieve our objectives. We do not ‘dial for dollars’ or make cold calls!

    We are looking for committee members to:

    • Plan and execute event(s) with partner organizations designed to elevate the profile and visibility of ICF NJ and your fellow member-coaches (i.e., Leadership Coaching Cafes to be held onsite at partner organizations).
    • Assist in building a robust professional network within New Jersey, particularly in the corporate arena

    Get involved with the Sponsorship committee.


    The role of Operations is focused on ensuring that the Chapter has sustainable governance and processes and the associated documentation to ensure smooth, on-going functioning.

    We seek process-oriented committee members to:

    • Interview Board Directors on procedures and create procedural documents
    • Research best practices and make recommendations about how ICF NJ can continue to improve its operations

    Get involved with the Operations committee.


    The role of Technology is to see that the technology needs of the chapter are identified and responded to both on a strategic and everyday operational basis.

    We seek committee members to:

    • Document current technical platforms, their functional use by the chapter, current costs, and identified issues
    • Document (in conjunction with Operations Chair or volunteer) roles, responsibilities, and processes (both manual and automated) that utilize current technical platforms.

    Get involved with the Technology committee.

    Community Coaching Outreach (CCO) Initiative

    ICF NJ is seeking committee members to join the CCO committee. Members will help to create a plan for an effective volunteer coaching structure and process in order to execute the CCO initiative objectives. CCO committee members will also support the overseeing of the engagement and activities of the volunteer coaches to ensure goals are met, and risks are mitigated.

    CCO committee members will provide energy, skills, and insights to:

    • Establish relationships in the community to communicate our initiative objectives
    • Develop a plan of action for the pilot program
    • Manage the process from orientation to evaluation
    • Support and lead kick-off events and information sessions
    • Conduct follow-up activities with participants and board
    • Serve as spokesperson
    • Provide ongoing support for participating coaches
    • Explore local opportunities
    • Work in conjunction with communications board member
    • Develop and refine materials and roles as appropriate for the success of the initiative
    • Accompany board member on call


    Get involved in Community Coaching Outreach.