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From the ICF New Jersey President

Hello Members,

In late March, I will be attending the ICF Global Leadership Forum in Dublin, where I will have an opportunity to connect with more than 200 leaders of ICF chapters around the globe. What a fantastic opportunity it will be to share about our amazing chapter and to learn and bring back ideas from others. I find it exciting to know ICF is so committed to our profession and that they look to build a global community among coaches everywhere. Next month, I look forward to sharing with you all that I learn!

Here in NJ, our ICF chapter offers our local coaches a warm and supportive community where you can connect, engage with other coaches, develop as coaching professionals, and ultimately grow your business. If you are missing out on our community groups, webinars, in person meetings, and other offerings, you are missing something very special. I urge you to come join us - https://icf-nj.org/General_Events_Information.

If you have been on the fence about being active and engaging with us, there are plenty of things the various board committees have in store for you this year. Whether you have 1 hour or 10 hours to give; I encourage you to jump off the fence and benefit from what is happening in our chapter. Please reach out if interested - [email protected].

And remember - Membership Renewal Season is upon us. Your ICF Annual Membership expires on March 31. Stay an active member, renew your membership at coachfederation.org/renew. And, please select ICF New Jersey as your home Chapter. We appreciate your membership!

If I can ever be of service to you, please reach out to me.


Andrea Harvey, PCC
2019 ICF New Jersey President
[email protected]

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March is for Membership

It is time to renew your ICF membership! If you are not a member yet, please join us! This is the simple, three-step process:

Go to https://coachfederation.org/renew-membership.
Complete the online form and choose New Jersey as your local chapter.
Submit your annual payment for ICF Global. The membership to the New Jersey Chapter is free!

We also wish to thank you for being a member of ICF New Jersey. As a Board, our goal for 2019 is to provide more opportunities for you to engage with other coaches, hone your coaching skills and grow your business, and contribute to our organization and the community. Below is a brief overview for your information and to remind you of the many benefits and opportunities your membership brings you.

Personal, Professional and Business Development

  • Feature in Find-a-Coach online that connects organizations and individuals seeking coaching to ICF NJ member coaches.
  • Certified coaches can earn Continuing Education Units required for ICF certification renewal.
  • Participate professionally with a wide range of in-person and webinar based programs.
  • Monthly community groups, both in-person and virtual.
  • Participate in an opportunity to apply your coaching expertise to support nonprofit organizations with a community of other coaches.
  • Participate in International Coaching Week that provides an opportunity to apply your coaching expertise to support nonprofit organizations with a community of other coaches.


  • Connect with other experienced, new, and aspiring coaches at events.
  • Gain access to like-minded professionals in other organizations and associations, connecting for idea sharing, learning, and business referrals.
  • Serve the coaching community and develop leadership skills by volunteering time, talents, and expertise.


  • Online resources via LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Receive chapter and industry updates, articles, and information via a monthly newsletter.
  • We work with ICF global and regional resources to help keep you informed about ICF tools, information, and programs.

Once again, to join or renew your membership, go to: https://coachfederation.org/renew-membership. Complete the online form and choose New Jersey as your local chapter. Pay and you are done.

Warm Regards,

Radhika M Bhandari
ICF New Jersey Membership Director
[email protected]

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What is International Coaching Week?

International Coaching Week (April 29-May 5, 2019) is a week-long celebration with the goal to educate the world about coaching and the value of working with a professional coach. It was established in 1999 and is celebrated by local chapters across the globe through events and a broad range of activities showing how coaching can make an impact. Offering pro-bono coaching during this week is how ICF New Jersey, and many other chapters, celebrate the week. So do join us. More information below.

International Coaching Week (ICW) - Volunteers Needed. We are looking for ICF members to volunteer to coach during International Coaching Week!

Come join us as we do Pro-Bono Laser Coaching for members of Northern New Jersey Dress for Success!

Accreditation is not required to participate in this wonderful way to help others, but you must be an ICF New Jersey member to participate. All coaching will be done via phone, so no travel is necessary.

Here are the days and times we will be providing pro-bono laser coaching:

Tuesday, April 30, 6-9pm
Wednesday, May 1, 9am-12pm
Friday, May 3, 9am-12pm

Each laser coaching session will be approximately 35 minutes and each session will start at the top of the hour. To sign up, please use the following link: https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2703212/true#/invitation.

Once you sign up for a date and time, we will match you with Dress for Success coachees at the chosen time. We will then provide you with their phone numbers for you to call them during the designated time slots.

Note: All coaches who volunteer for ICW are also asked to join us on Monday, April 22 at 7:30-7:50pm for a quick Webinar on Laser Coaching so we are consistent in our approach. A link to this webinar will be sent to the coach volunteers.

And for those who want to help Dress for Success Northern New Jersey beyond one laser coaching session during International Coaching Week, they are looking for SMART goal coaches for their Steps to Success program. Orientation for this 10-week program is on March 16, 9-10:30 am, in Madison, NJ. For more details, contact them at [email protected]

Thank you in advance for all your help!

Best always,
Denise Yosafat
ICF-NJ Community Groups Director
Chair, ICW
[email protected]

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Upcoming Education & Professional Development Events

Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 6:00-8:30pm, in East Hanover, NJ

"The Power of Inclusion"
What does inclusion have to do with coaching?

This session will help you understand how you can strengthen diversity awareness in your clients through an enhanced self-awareness, and by unearthing their unconscious / conscious biases and exploring strategies to neutralize biased thinking. All of which are essential components to creating collaborative partnerships and coaching business sustainability.

We will look at the concept of the Power of Inclusion: Collaboration begins with "I"©.

Our facilitator for this topic is Willa Edgerton-Chisler, a certified Professional Coach, People Strategist, Author, Facilitator, CEO, and the founder of Symphony Coaching LLC. Willa's clients find her trademark style "straightforward, authentic, thoughtful, strength-based, and people focused." We anticipate a thought-provoking discussion on the areas below:

1. Insight - Build Diversity Awareness of self & others.
2. Impact - Explore the triggers of unconscious/conscious bias and their impact strategies to interrupt /neutralize bias thinking.
3. Influence - Create strategies to inculcate a community of Inclusion. Leverage those insights into behaviors that strengthen rapport and ultimately create stronger connections.

For more details and to register, click here.

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ICF Global Corner

Nominations are now open for the #ICFYoungLeader Award. Nominate yourself or a colleague at https://coachfederation.org/young-leader-award

We want to celebrate experienced #coaches. Nominate a peer now for the #ICFCircleOfDistinction at  https://coachfederation.org/circle-of-distinction.
From the Board
The February 2019 Board Column is now live on Coaching World! This month's column features insights by 2019 ICF Global Board Vice Chair, Sara Smith, MCC. Click here to read the Board Column. 

Building a Coaching Culture for Change Management
ICF's latest research, conducted in partnership with the Human Capital Institute (HCI), explores how coaching strategies can be used to build change management capabilities. ICF created a short video to walk you through the findings. Watch the Video and Download the Report
Here's an interesting article about how to set priorities: https://www.inc.com/damon-brown/this-simple-parable-will-immediately-help-you-prioritize-your-day.html?cid=sf01003

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