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From the ICF New Jersey President

Hello ICF-NJ Coach Community,

What a year it has been! December is upon us and I would like to share with you all of the amazing outcomes our chapter has had this year.

Back in February I shared that your new Board met to strategize and set the 2018 goals. We focused on one key question - "How do we provide significant value to our member coaches?" - and we arrived at three specific focus areas for the year:

  1. Cultivate Community - by building a deep, lasting community where coaches can share, learn, and grow
  2. Develop Coaches - by fostering your professional development (education/skills/competencies)
  3. Support Practices - by promoting ways to support you in growing your businesses

Based on these focus areas, here are a number of our accomplishments:

  • ICF NJ celebrated 20 years as an ICF Chapter, and the highlight was a gala event including 13 of our past Presidents!
  • We grew our membership to an all time high of 300 members!
  • In 2018, 93 new members joined the chapter.
  • We held two town hall webinars - January and August - to offer our members an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas of what you are looking for from the chapter.
  • Based on your request, we started a new Virtual Community Group where coaches from all over the state can join.
  • The chapter held nine in person events and six webinars - all offering either core competency or resource development CCE's. All events focused on:
    • Increasing engagement and participation and fostering greater connection and community
    • Providing engaging and interactive learning, networking and community building experiences
    • Focusing on three pillars:

    1. ICF Core Competencies
    2. Business Development
    3. Personal Development

    • Fostering a greater sense of community

  • We offered two pro-bono coaching opportunities - one through our International Coaching Week with the Girl Scouts of New Jersey and the other through the IGNITE Program.
  • Due to our sponsorship/strategic alliances, we are in a financially strong position
  • Strong focus on building a sustainable chapter for the future - as such the board has spent a lot of time discussing putting into place processes, protocols, committees, and succession plans.

AND one more surprise awaits you before the end of the year, so be looking in your email!

What a wonderful year it has been! I want to take a moment to thank the entire board, committee members, and all of our members who, without you, none of this would ever have come to fruition! Looking forward to another fantastic year!

With much gratitude,

Andrea Harvey, PCC
2018 ICF-NJ President
[email protected]


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Upcoming Education & Professional Development Events

Monday, December 10, 2018 - Edison, NJ
In-Person Event: "Building Bridges and Connections Thru Dance & Movement" + Annual Chapter Meeting

Building Bridges and Connections offers each participant an opportunity to relax and explore playfully their own creative process and work collaboratively to discover new ways of connecting through movement and dance.
The Chapter will also hold its 2018 Annual Meeting.
Click here to register.

Early Bird Pricing ends on December 7th

Wednesdays, Jan 23-Feb 27, 7:15-8:45 PM - Virtual
Six-Week Online Class Business Development Series in 2019
"Building a Sustainable Six-Figure Coaching Business"

This highly interactive online class is all about earning money, delivering value and letting your coaching business work for you. Guided by sales executive turned executive coach, Sharon Lipovsky, we will be exploring the building blocks of creating a sustainable six-figure coaching business.
For more details, click here.

Did you miss the webinar on how to "Make Money Doing the Work You Love?"

Watch the recording here: https://youtu.be/_6TbjiaxTas

Save the Dates

Wednesday, January 9th at 7:15 PM (EST)
Webinar: "What's the Vision for Your Business in 2019?" 
Visualization exercise led by Sharon Lipovsky

Thursday, January 17th at 7-8:30 PM (ET)
Join a Virtual Coaching Practicum with a Coaching demo by Mark Schall, PCC

Questions? Contact [email protected] or call Lynn Schaber at 732-822-3274.


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Our Special Gift to You!


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ICF New Jersey Community Groups

In addition to our wonderful programming, we have four community groups that are an informal way to network, continue your development as a coach, and address challenges you may have. You do not need to be an ICF-NJ member yet to participate, but we hope to have you join as a member soon. 

We have in-person groups in the Princeton area, in Monmouth County, and in the Somerset/Morris/Essex area. We also have a virtual group which is targeted to those people who do not currently live near an in-person group, although all are welcome to join. You can participate in as many community groups as you'd like. 

A few special announcements/requests:

1) Since our Princeton ICF-NJ Community Group leader has moved on, we now have an open opportunity. We are looking for a new ICF Community group leader for the Princeton area. Want to serve your fellow coaches by facilitating some great discussions and fostering new learning? Come work with me and the ICF board to step into this role. We'd love to have your thoughts, ideas, and leadership in this area.

2) Our Virtual Community group just had a wonderful meeting in November with the topic all about the Theory of Constructed Emotions. It was a great discussion and valuable skills were learned that will help coaches with their clients' emotions (as well as our own!).

To get specific information on dates/times for all of the community groups (and call-in information for the virtual one), please go to this link:

ICF New Jersey Community Groups

Come join us!

Denise Yosafat
Director, ICF-NJ Community Groups
[email protected]


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ICF Global Corner

Building a Coaching Culture for Change Management

Seventy-seven percent of human resources practitioners and leaders report that their organization is in a state of constant change, with priorities and strategies continuously shifting. Building a Coaching Culture for Change Management explores how coaching strategies can be used to build change management capabilities. The final research report is free for ICF Members.

Read the Research Report

ICF Communities of Practice

Over the past two years, ICF has invested your membership dues in strengthening our Communities of Practice. Thanks to your investment as an ICF Member, we have enhanced the quality of programming, diversity of content, technological infrastructure and behind-the-scenes customer service. CP participation has never been more valuable. Because of this, beginning in January 2019 we will charge non-ICF Members a fee to participate in CP programming. We invite you to access the same outstanding education free of charge as a benefit of your ICF Membership.

Learn More and Join a CP


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Reflecting Together on 2018

by Sharon Lipovsky, PCC - CEO and Executive Coach

When contemplating change with clients, I often return to the basics. Simple questions to prompt awareness and the potential for new possibilities. Three of my favorites are:

  • What have you learned?
  • What is real for you right now?
  • What do you choose?

I appreciate these questions because they tap into all aspects of time: looking back (the past), being in the here and now (the present), and looking forward (the future). To realize a vision, it is critical to integrate all three elements. When we just look to the future, we disconnect from taking action or simply appreciating where we are. When we sit exclusively with what has been, we can get stuck in old stories and miss out on new opportunities. When we are only connected to the present, we can fall into a trap of feeling isolated from both our history and our potential.

I'm especially appreciative of ICF New Jersey this 2018. I've had the opportunity to connect with some amazing members of this community during webinars, at the 20th anniversary celebration and in preparing for a new class I'll be offering in 2019. Being a part of this community has been especially important to me as I left my native Washington, DC, for the Catskill Mountains just beyond the NJ border. I been so grateful to have expanded my community of practice and my circle of friends.

I wish for each of you that you close out 2018 with a sense of appreciation and delight in what has unfolded. And a sense of grace for anything that didn't go as you had hoped. I wish that 2019 is filled for each of you with a sense of choice, appreciation, and ease in both your work and life.

As we move through the final month of 2018, I invite you to join me in reflecting on those three simple questions laid out above. Celebrate your own insights on this year and explore what it prompts you to change - if anything - as you look to 2019. I've included my own reflections below and would welcome the chance to hear what surfaces for you, if you'd like to share ([email protected]).

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