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President's Message

ICF Global International Coaching Day - Pledge Your Hour of Virtual Coaching

Brien Dunphy, PCC
2020 ICF New Jersey President
[email protected]

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From ICF Global - International Coaching Week

International Coaching Week is an annual celebration of the power and impact of professional coaching.

From May 4-10, 2020, ICF Members from around the world are invited to celebrate coaching’s power to positively impact individuals, organizations, communities and the world.

2020 will no doubt be remembered for COVID-19 as this pandemic is touching lives of people around the globe. Coaching is needed more than ever! ICF’s 25th anniversary is an opportunity to acknowledge and deliver the enormous power and impact of professional coaching. As ICF coaches, we are leading the future and pursuing a powerful vision: ensuring that coaching is an integral part of a thriving society and every ICF Member represents the highest quality of professional coaching.

On May 6, 2020, we will demonstrate this firsthand with our inaugural International Coaching Day. During this 24-hour period, we are inviting every ICF coach, worldwide, to donate an hour of virtual coaching to someone in their community.

ICF has members in more than 140 countries, and we hope to see at least one hour of coaching take place in each of these countries. Please join us in this important initiative of solidarity, hope and service.

Pledge Your Hour of Virtual Coaching

Don’t forget to let the world know about your ICW support and activities. Use all your social media outlets to share your activities.

Let your friends, family and colleagues know that you’re celebrating ICW 2020. Put an ICW 2020 Facebook Frame on your profile picture. It’s as easy as:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile and click on your profile photo.
  2. Select “Update Profile Picture.”
  3. Select “Add Frame.”
  4. Search for “ICW 2020,” by Tyler Parker.
  5. Select and resize your image as needed before saving.

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Upcoming Education & Professional Development Events


Coaching With Impact & Ease -
If You’re Working Too Hard, Then You’re Not Coaching!”


In this video, Lynn Schaber interviews Lerae Gidyk about the upcoming webinar series:

Time/Dates: 7:00-8:30 pm (EDT), Thursdays: May 7 & 21, June 4 & 18, 2020

CCEU: 8.5 hours of ICF Core Competencies CCEUs and 1.5 CCEUs in Resource Development.

Speaker: Lerae Gydik, MCC. To learn more about Lerae, please visit her website at: https://www.souldesigns.ca/

Are You A Coach Who?

  • Wishes to deepen, identify, and shift structure, proficiency, and specific mindsets within your coaching conversations?
  • Wants to create and implement a clear coaching agreement?
  • Is curious about the COACH ME model and its principles, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies?
  • Seeks to practice, observe, and share feedback while using the model?
  • Wants to apply what they learn from the COACH ME model and practice to enrich their coaching conversations?

If so, this engaging, informative, and experiential webinar series is for you!

In this course, you’ll be introduced to the COACH ME Model and interact with the model experientially through observing a coaching demonstration, practicing with your peers, and receiving feedback. You will also develop insight into the mindset necessary for increasing proficiency in establishing the agreement. The series includes four (4) 90-minute online classes with learning assignments to be completed between classes.

For more information, please contact Lynn Schaber at 732-822-3274 or [email protected].

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ICF New Jersey Community Groups

Rebranding our Regular Daytime Virtual Group to be focused on
Personal, Life, and Career Coaching

First, I have to tell you exciting news! Now that our Executive and Leadership Virtual Group is well established, we decided to make our other regular virtual group focused on Personal, Life, and Career Coaching. We want to serve all members of our ICF coaching community and we hope this rebranded/repurposed virtual group will be a great chance for coaches with those types of specialties to connect. So check it out when this group next meets on May 12 at 11am.

Also, I have to share a confession. I thought with all of our five ICF NJ community groups going virtual (well, 2 were virtual already), some would not be attended. But I was wrong. All of our community groups are thriving, and we are having some great discussions. This is certainly a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world we are living in, and it is great to get the support of other coaches to help navigate our way through it.

The great news is with all groups being virtual, many can attend from all different locations. So we have had people who usually attend just their local community group come to others as well. It has been a great pollination of ideas!

A few notable topics that have come up in various groups:

  1. How do you generate new clients in a virtual world?
  2. How do you keep yourselves motivated?
  3. What can you work on now that will help you accelerate your practice later?
  4. How can you practice self-care while also supporting your clients?
  5. What do you do for clients on furlough?
  6. What’s the best way to reach out to old clients to check on how they are doing through this?
  7. In this environment, with so many struggling financially, how should you think about any pro-bono coaching (without devaluing the value of coaching)?
  8. What are some great ways to increase your visibility right now?
  9. What are ways you can support our clients through the massive shifts?
  10. What types of coaching niches may spring up as a result of this time in history?

I want to write a special thank you to Marian Janes, the leader of our Somerset/Morris/Essex group. She held two different community meetings this month after realizing her first one was a week too soon. Now that’s commitment! Both sessions were very well attended. I had a chance to join in on the last one, and there were so many people, we separated into break out rooms and came up with a great list of over 30 touchpoints coaches can take right now to move themselves forward.Here’s a link to this great list: Coaching Touchpoints.

And speaking of links, you can now find the zoom links for all of our upcoming virtual group meetings in the weekly ICF NJ event emails announcing specific groups. The leaders of the groups also send out the links to those who have previously attended their groups. If you would like to be added to any of the community group lists, please let me know.

Come join us!

Denise Yosafat
ICF New Jersey Community Groups Director
[email protected]

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Welcome to Our New ICF New Jersey Members!

Bergen County   Morris County
Michelle Perchuk Essex County Amanda Patrick
  Amy Bergen-Larranaga  
Hudson County Dorisse Shakir-Ullah Ocean County
Germanico Garzon Scott Snider Jessica Chamberlain
  Dee Marshall Jill Garaffa
Mercer County    
Claire Shields    

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Congratulations to Our Newly Credentialed Members

Radha Kalaria, ACC
Fang Mao, ACC
Leslie Rosen, ACC

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ICF Global - What's New in the Coaching World?

Have you heard about digital badging, the newest way to promote your ICF credential? Want to help the industry differentiate between trained and untrained coaches? You’ve worked hard for it - here’s a way to share your knowledge, skills and abilities online in a simple, verified and trusted way. To learn more, go to:

New Digital Badges Launching for ICF Credential-holders!


What Your Clients Need from You Right Now

Establishing a Safe and Trusting Connection in a Virtual World

Coaching Leaders to Success in Our Emerging New World

Living and Leaving a Crisis Stronger

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Membership Renewal

Have you renewed your membership? June 30th is the new expiration date, with a two-month extension if you can’t meet that deadline. To renew, go to https://coachfederation.org/renew-membership.

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