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From the ICF New Jersey President

Hello Fellow Members!

I must say I am still on a high after returning from the three-day Global Leader Forum in Dublin! Brooke Manino, Director of Operations, and I met so many wonderful people representing chapters from around the globe and came back with all kinds of learnings for our chapter! Over the next few months we look forward to sharing with you those learnings and hearing your own ideas about how to make our chapter even more amazing!

Here are a few highlights from the forum:

During the opening session, 2019 ICF Global Board Chair Jean-Francois Cousin, MCC, and ICF CEO/Executive Director Magdalena Nowicka Mook introduced ICF Global's 2019 Strategic Goals:

  • Develop: Leverage the ecosystem to boost members' professional growth for impact and confidence
  • Connect: Provide a sense of belonging through an integrated community
  • Influence: Position ICF coaches as the gold standard
  • Lead: Enhance volunteer leaders' capabilities

During the Panel on Building Strategic Partnerships, we learned how ICF Chapters have forged mutually beneficial partnerships with outside organizations.

In We're Counting on You: Preparing your Chapter for the 2019 ICF Global Coaching Survey, we learned more about the upcoming 2019 ICF Global Coaching Survey and its importance to ICF and the coaching industry.

Over the three days, there were four Compass Conversations - sessions where we had the opportunity to hear best practices from our sister chapters and to share our ideas:

Ethics: We explored how to enhance our chapter leadership by exploring options for addressing ethical situations and tapping into strategies that maximize individual potential, while contributing to the fulfillment of ICF's mission and vision.

Succession Planning: We explored best practices of succession planning at a chapter level and began thinking about our own plans. We heard about ICF Ohio Valley's successes and challenges and interacted with one another in a facilitated conversation.

Social Progress: We heard from ICF Chapters that have participated in the ICF Foundation's Ignite initiative, and we explored best practices for setting up successful pro bono coaching initiatives and engaging members to accelerate social progress.

Non-Dues Revenue: One of the biggest challenges for a chapter is developing and executing strategies to generate revenue. This highly interactive session introduced strategies and best practices for bringing in revenue so our chapter can thrive!

And lastly, we gathered together with other ICF Chapter Leaders from our Northeast Region to discuss how we'll implement our learnings from GLF when we return home.

Please be sure to reach out to me at [email protected] with questions, thoughts, and your ideas - after all this is YOUR chapter!


Andrea Harvey, PCC
2019 ICF New Jersey President
[email protected]

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It's Not too Late to Renew Your Membership!

Rejoin and renew your ICF membership for another year to connect with our cutting-edge coaching research, lifelong learning, and opportunities for networking and community-building. You are a valued member of ICF Global and ICF New Jersey. Maintain your ICF Membership by renewing your ICF membership today.

First, go to: ICF Global
Complete the online form and chose New Jersey as your local chapter. Pay and you are done.

I look forward to continuing to partner with you in 2019, as we strive, individually and collectively, to be the best coaches we can be.

Kind Regards,

Radhika M Bhandari
ICF New Jersey Membership Director
[email protected]

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ICF New Jersey Community Groups

Princeton Community Group

What happens when you combine a desire to network, an intriguing topic to discuss, and talented people who want to share their thoughts and experiences?

You get an AWESOME ICF New Jersey community group experience!

Each of our community groups has been off to a great start in 2019. Among the many topics discussed at various groups has been how to deal with challenging clients, positive versus constructive feedback, how to network better, how neuroscience impacts us and our clients, TED Talks, leading with your "why,"...and the list goes on! The conversations have been robust and these groups continue to foster a sense that we are all here to help each other learn and grow.

The picture above is from the latest ICF New Jersey Princeton Community group meeting. When asking people about why they attend the meetings, here are some replies:

Tim: "It's great to be plugged into the coaching community to network and learn new things."
Frederica: "The different backgrounds, experiences and interests we all bring is great."

To get specific information on dates/times for all of the community groups (and call-in information for the virtual one), please go to this link:
ICF New Jersey Community Groups

Come join us!

Best always,
Denise Yosafat
ICF New Jersey Community Groups Director
[email protected]

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Upcoming Education & Professional Development Events

Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 7:00-8:30pm - Free Webinar
"ICF Credentialing - Value, Clarity, Action"
Discussion led by Pamela Richards, MCC

The focus of this workshop is to help you navigate through the credentialing process.

Starting Wednesday, May 1, 2019: 6:30-8:00 PM (EDT) Webinar Series
Advancing your Coaching Skills, led by Carly Anderson, MCC
Classes meet on Wed. evenings - May 1, 8 & 15 and June 5, 12 & 19, 2019
Participants will gain a deep understanding of the ICF Core Competencies as they apply to real life coaching, and be able to distinguish what level they are coaching at (MCC, PCC, ACC) and how to improve their coaching skills.

To listen to a recent webinar with Carly Anderson on "The Distinction Between Coaching Skills from ACC to PCC to MCC," click here.

Thursday, May 2, 2019: 6- 8:30 PM In-Person Event
Discover Your Competitive Edge: Sharing What Makes You Uniquely You in a Compelling Way
Workshop with Sharon Lipovsky, CEO, former sales executive and Executive Coach

We will explore what makes us and our offerings to our clients unique. And we'll practice how to speak and communicate this offer in a compelling and authentic way to potential clients.

Join us on June 13, 2019
, to engage with other members of our chapter and to get a chance to develop new ideas and examine the challenges of growing/sustaining our coaching practices. In this program we will all have the opportunity to participate in a small group "Hot Seat Exercise" and together support each other in the growth of our coaching businesses.

Want to learn about your innate nature and your core motivational drivers?
Lynn Taylor, our webinar presenter for the July 18th webinar on "The LIFT Principle" How to Lift Yourself & Others into a Place of Highest and Best Contribution, is generously providing a complimentary Core Values Index assessment to our chapter.

Click on this link to take the assessment: http://bit.ly/icf-nj-cvi, then join us for a lively discussion on July 18th.

For more information about the assessment, go to: https://www.taylorprotocolsinc.com/

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ICF Global Corner

Below are some very useful resources for your coaching practice as offered by ICF Global.

Global Consumer Awareness Study
How aware of professional coaching is the general public?
How do views of coaching vary across generations?
How do the minds and motivations of consumers differ in emerging and established markets for coaching?

The 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study explores these questions - and more - to help you better understand consumers and market your coaching services accordingly. Commissioned by ICF and conducted by PwC Research, this is ICF's largest consumer study yet, incorporating 27,134 responses from across 30 countries.

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