Distinction Between Coaching Skills from ACC to PCC to MCC

    April 03, 2019
    7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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    Have you ever thought the following?

    • How can I demonstrate all 11 core competencies in a 30-minute coaching session without feeling constrained?
    • I’m overwhelmed by having to remember the 11 core competencies. I just want a simpler way!
    • What’s the difference anyway between ACC, PCC and MCC skill level for each core competency?
    • What can I do to grow my coaching skills no matter where I’m at now?

    Carly Anderson, MCC, will endeavor to answer each of these questions in this one-hour webinar. Carly will offer some key distinctions between credential levels, then conduct a coaching demonstration and debrief. Then, she will make further distinctions by core competencies and skill level demonstrated.

    You will learn:

    • Which are the most important core competencies to learn.
    • What are the key distinctions between ACC, PCC and MCC skill level that you can apply to your current level as a coach to improve your coaching capabilities.

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    CCEUs: 0.5 CCEU in Core Competencies and 0.5 CCEU in Resource Development provided by ICF for this webinar.

    You will receive an email with details on how to attend the webinar a few days before the event.

    Questions? Contact Lynn Schaber or Elias Scultori at events@icf-nj.org, or 732-822-3274 (Lynn) or 973-493-9003 (Elias).

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    Speaker’s Bio:

    Carly Anderson is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) since 2004. She is the creator of The Target Approach: Demystifying the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and Ten Characteristics of MCC Skill Level.

    She has been an active member of the ICF Credential Review Assessing team since 2005. As an active assessor who regularly reviews audio recordings of coaches for MCC, PCC and ACC credentials, Carly has exclusive insight into the distinctions between credential levels.

    Carly is a faculty member for CoachU and Corporate CoachU coach training programs focused on teaching coaching skills and leading practicums to provide feedback against the core competencies.

    She has a successful coaching practice since 1999, with many thousands of hours of logged coaching time. Some examples include:

    • Coached 450 managers and high potentials at Google, Inc. with a focus on their communication, collaboration and relationship skills.
    • Senior Leadership Coach, providing coaching to senior managers and directors to shift their focus from being subject matter experts to ‘people performance’ experts.

    This is a quote that embodies what Carly believes for herself, as well as those she mentors, trains and coach: “Our essential purpose is to become the best version of ourselves.” Matthew Kelly.

    Carly believes that we all want to be valued and respected for who we are. It’s the behaviors and beliefs that we use unconsciously that can stop us from being valued and respected as we want to be. When we uncover what those behaviors and beliefs are, we can make better choices. From her experience, it’s a joy to be around, and work with, people who are constantly becoming the best version of themselves.

    To learn more about Carly, go to: https://carlyanderson.com/.


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