Positive Parenting through the Pandemic

    January 28, 2021
    8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
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    Please Join Us for ICF NJ’s webinar on

    “Positive Parenting through the Pandemic”

    • Are you struggling with the competing demands of parenting and working?
    • Does the topic of managing the stress created by an altered school environment come up during your coaching sessions?
    • Do you want to find peace at home and have your families thrive in these times?
    • Do you and your clients desire valuable perspective and practical tools on how to reduce the extra stressors of parenting caused by the pandemic?

    If so, please join us for ICF NJ’s webinar on Positive Parenting Through the Pandemic, Thursday, January 28, 2021, from 8:00 – 9:30 PM ET.

    You’ll hear from Heather Brims and Josh Kline, parents themselves of young children (bios following) and come away with the following critical “How Tos”:

    1. Address the difficulties of remote learning.
    2. Simultaneously succeed at work while supporting your children’s learningly
    3. Shift gears from supporting your child in learning to being a parent again
    4. Reinvent your relationship with time
    5. Put structures in place to BREATHE
    6. Get the support you need

    There’ll be ample time at the program’s conclusion for your questions. We encourage you to send your questions in advance to: [email protected]. This will help the presenters target the information they share.

    Please join us to learn how to enhance and feel good about your parenting skills during the pandemic, and encourage any parent you think would be interested to attend. ICF NJ wants to provide support to parents during these unique times.

    Please see below for the presenters’ bios, and to learn how this event’s registration fees will will help support our New Jersey neighbors.

    A note about what makes this event even more special:

    As an organization, ICF NJ supports those in need. For this event, you can register for one of three amounts - $10, $20 or $30. ICF NJ will donate 100% of the registration fees to the non-profit organization Community Food Bank of NJ (https://cfbnj.org/).

    A higher registration fee will mean more money for the non-profit. For each $1 donated, the food bank can provide three meals.

    We thank this organization for their service to our communities!

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    Questions? Contact Lynn Schaber at [email protected] or 732-822-3274.

    Speakers' Bios:

    Heather Brims is a former educator and administrator. As an educator at the High School level, she often saw disconnect and miscommunications among students and staff, as well as among parents and their children. It became a mission and a passion of hers to show parents exactly who their children really are. It is such a powerful experience to help families connect more deeply with each other. After attending the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, she decided to open her own coaching practice, where she does a deep dive into family dynamics, communication, and family values alignment.

    Working as a Communication and Connection Coach has been the most rewarding experience of her life. It is Heather’s great pleasure to peel back the layers, help break through blocks, and build and design families to exactly how they wish to experience each other. You can find Heather at https://www.coachingforconnection.org/.

    Josh Kline founded The Catalyst Cradle in 2016 to support organizations and individuals on achieving their goals and ultimate successes. Josh is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. He is a husband and the father of 3 kids under the age of 7.

    Josh works with dads on stepping up their game in all areas of their life from health and wellness to relationships and success in their career and business. He started a Dadalyst Group for dads with a focus on reinventing how they show up everywhere and for everyone. You can find Josh at http://thecatalystcradle.com/.


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