"Advancing Your Coaching Skills - Webinar Series"

    May 01, 2019
    6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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    Virtual Event
    Classes meet on Wed. evenings - May 1, 8 & 15 and June 5, 12 & 19, 2019


    Acquire 16.5 hours of Core Competencies CCEUs while growing and enhancing your coaching skills.

    All sessions will be led by Carly Anderson, MCC.

    This program is for:

    • Coaches who want to grow their coaching and mentoring skills.
    • Coaches preparing for their first ICF credential (ACC, PCC or MCC).
    • Coaches re-certifying their current ICF credential

    This program will provide growth and learning for coaches at all credential levels.
    Participants will gain a deep understanding of the ICF Core Competencies as they apply in real life coaching and be able to distinguish what level they are coaching at (MCC, PCC, ACC) and how to improve their coaching skills.

    Over the course of six 90-minute webinars and in between the learning sessions, we will have the opportunity to …

    1. Get an overview of Carly’s “The Target Approach™”, A different view of the ICF Core Competencies.
    2. Observe Carly giving on-the-spot coaching demonstration.
    3. Listen to recordings to some of Carly’s coaching sessions.
    4. Discuss “Ten Characteristics of MCC Skill Level” distinctions and see how this relates to Coaching Presence.
    5. Learn Distinctions between listening for Who versus What and Being vs Doing.
    6. Watch a video on “The Target Approach”.
    7. Work on a Powerful Questioning Case Study exercise.
    8. Opportunities to practice the skill distinctions discussed in the class with a coaching partner.
    9. Obtain 7.5 core competencies CCEUs through asynchronous learning assignments.

    Carly believes:
    Developing core competencies as a professional coach is much more than adding a bunch of letters after your name. It’s a great way to advance your coaching career and become a more effective coach for your clients.

    Coaches with International Coach Federation (ICF) credentials:

    • Get more opportunities for coaching
    • Earn higher than average annual incomes
    • Increase their referrals and client satisfaction
    • Meet or exceed client credentialing requirements (especially with corporate and government clients)
    • Get to “walk the talk” by engaging in their own personal and professional development

    She will tell you:

    “I’ve experienced the benefits of being ICF credentialed coach firsthand and I want to help you accelerate your coaching skills so YOU can become the best coach you can. My audacious goal is to support 1,000 MCC coaches in the world by the end of 2020, as I know that the quality of their coaching will make a difference to those they mentor, or coach.”

    What Carly’s clients have to say about her:

    "Carly is an authentic, purposeful and passionate leader in the field of coaching.

    As an esteemed and highly valued contributor to our Excelerate-Coach Mentoring program, Carly shares generously from her own journey and evolution to coaching mastery as well as provides high impact and potent feedback. Carly has a relentless commitment to the professionalism of coaching and an unyielding respect for our humanness and uniqueness." - Michelle Duval, Coaching Pioneer

    “The ICF Core Competencies are a road map for every coach to grow and develop personally and professionally, so they are critical to our success. Reading a list of 11 items, clustered under four topic headings with a total of 70 bullet points is not that easy to learn. All the information is there, but what does it mean?

    What Carly has done so cleverly is make that important document come to life. Her program called The Target Approach does exactly as the name implies; it approaches the daunting list of competencies in a targeted and logical fashion." - Cheryl Smith, MCC

    To see more testimonials, go to: https://carlyanderson.com/say-what

    Details of "Advancing Your Coaching Skills - Webinar Series"

    • Six 90-minutes online classes with MCC coach, Carly Anderson (Recordings available of each class for all attendees)
    • Learning opportunities between May classes and June classes through recordings and a case study

    Event Dates: Classes meet on Wednesday evenings - Wednesdays, May 1, 8 & 15 and June 5, 12 & 19, 2019

    Event Time: 6:30 – 8:00 PM (EDT)

    CCEU: 16.5 hours of ICF Core Competency CCEUs - Consisting of 9 hours of synchronous learning and 7.5 hours of asynchronous learning available, if all components are completed by a participant.


    Event information for Core Competencies Series May - June 2019
    Early Bird Pricing (thru April 10, 2019)
    ICF Members: $349
    Non-members: $449

    Pricing starting April 11, 2019
    ICF Members: $429
    Non-members: $529

    You will receive instructions for logging into the online class a week before the start of the series.

    Questions? Contact Lynn Schaber or Elias Scultori at events@icf-nj.org, or 732-822-3274 (Lynn) or 973-493-9003 (Elias).

    Speaker’s Bio:

    Carly Anderson is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) since 2004. She is the creator of The Target Approach: Demystifying the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and Ten Characteristics of MCC Skill Level.

    She has been an active member of the ICF Credential Review Assessing team since 2005. As an active assessor who regularly reviews audio recordings of coaches for MCC, PCC and ACC credentials, Carly has exclusive insight into the distinctions between credential levels.

    Carly is a faculty member for CoachU and Corporate CoachU coach training programs focused on teaching coaching skills and leading practicums to provide feedback against the core competencies.

    She has a successful coaching practice since 1999, with many thousands of hours of logged coaching time. Some examples include:

    • Coached 450 managers and high potentials at Google, Inc. with a focus on their communication, collaboration and relationship skills.
    • Senior Leadership Coach, providing coaching to senior managers and directors to shift their focus from being subject matter experts to ‘people performance’ experts

    This is a quote that embodies what Carly believes for herself as well as those she mentors, trains and coach: “Our essential purpose is to become the best version of ourselves.” Matthew Kelly.

    Carly believes that we all want to be valued and respected for who we are. It’s the behaviors and beliefs that we use unconsciously that can stop us from being valued and respected as we want to be. When we uncover what those behaviors and beliefs are, we can make better choices. From her experience, it’s a joy to be around, and work with, people who are constantly becoming the best version of themselves.

    To learn more about Carly, go to: https://carlyanderson.com/



    $429.00 Ticket - Advancing Coaching Skills - ICF Member
    $349.00 Earlybird rate before April 10

    $429.00 Ticket - Advancing Coaching Skills - ICF Global Member
    $349.00 Earlybird rate before April 10

    $529.00 Ticket - Advancing Coaching Skills - Non-Member
    $449.00 Earlybird rate before April 10