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We work exclusively with senior leaders and executives in global and domestic corporate and not-for-profit organizations, particularly female executives recently or soon-to-be elevated into roles with a significantly larger remit (in geographic, functional or organizational scope). Past clients have included CEOs, heads of business divisions (global and domestic) and regional executives of global companies.

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At Desai Transformation, we provide executive coaching to a variety of managers and leaders. Our primary work is with managers experiencing or leading major change, either in their personal careers or in their organizations. The mission of the firm, led by our Lead Executive Coach, Supriya Desai, is to help managers learn how to navigate themselves and others through change to lead to positive outcomes.


Desai Transformation LLC’s Executive Coaching Process Overview
(Timing is estimated and subject to the details of each agreement)


Meet and Greet Call (15-30 minutes) – occurs prior to contract signing
1.       Manager and Coach speak to determine mutual fit prior to committing to agreement


***Coaching Agreement Signed***
Kickoff Meeting (1-1.5 hours) – step #1 after signing coaching agreement
2.      Why Coaching? Why Now?
3.      Executive’s expectations; concerns; readiness
4.      Coach’s expectations; concerns; focus
5.      Confidentiality expectations
6.      Process overview
7.       Q&A


Discovery and data gathering (approx. 15 hours)
8.      Executive completes 360 Assessment (should be current <2 years old or taken via DT)
9.      Coach conducts interviews with up to 6 colleagues (360 assessors)
10.   Executive provides other recent (<2 years) personality/style reports (MBTI; Hogan, etc.)
11.    Executive completes Get To Know Me & My Life and Legacy Questionnaires
12.   Coach reviews and interprets data
13.   Coach prepares Executive’s Client Discovery Report


Goal setting and action planning (approx. 4 hours)
14.   Review, discuss and clarify current state performance and future state vision
15.   Discuss Executive’s strengths and opportunities based on Discovery Report
16.   Develop and agree on 2 to 3 coaching goals – document goal and measures


Coaching sessions (12, 18 or 24 hours, depending on selected package)
17.   Meet at least bi-weekly for the first three (3) months in person
18.   Decide on meeting frequency thereafter (face-to-face meetings: in person, video)
19.   Between-session emails, texts or brief calls at no extra charge


Progress checks (approx. 4 hours)
20.  Meet twice with Executive’s manager to discuss questions and progress against goals
21.   Conduct a “mini-survey” towards the conclusion of the formal coaching process to assess perceived progress with the Executive’s assessors


Wrap-up Meeting (approx. 1 hour)
22.  Final meeting with Executive and his/her Manager
23.  Discuss the coaching engagement overall, the progress achieved and how to best support the Executive’s ongoing leadership development

24.  Complete Wrap Up Protocol

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Supriya A Desai


Founder & Managing Principal


Desai Transformation LLC









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Business Communication Skills, Business Teams, Corporate, Executive Coaching, Leadership, Management Skills, Manager as Coach, Mentoring for New Coaches

About This Coach



Supriya Desai, Managing Principal at Desai Transformation LLC, is an experienced and certified executive leadership coach who brings to coaching clients her 20+ years of business experience as a corporate leader in transformation and management consultant to Fortune 500 companies.


Her executive and leadership coaching experience focuses on senior leaders and executives who are experiencing transition to new, larger roles, and those who are leading highly visible, strategic change initiatives in their organizations, helping them develop the critical capabilities needed to be effective in a chaotic business environment characterized by unpredictability and ambiguity. Supriya is accredited through ICF (ACC) and has been working with executives in 1-on-1 coaching settings since 2000.


For larger coaching arrangements, Desai Transformation provides executive leadership coaching through a network of ICF-accredited professional leadership coaches.


Testimonials and more about Supriya’s coaching process can be found here: We look forward to hearing from you!