Renee Charney, PhD, PCC

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Leaders who span from emergent (new leaders) to seasoned (C-Suite); small and large organizations; for- and non-profit; teams that are either locally situated or matrixed; individual contributors who wish to expand their potential, learning, and development.

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Recognizing that coaching is an exploratory and learning experience, I also recognize that individuals span a spectrum of how they might wish to engage. Therefore, I meet with individuals and groups either in-person, at their site, or by phone or Skype/Google Hangout. Coaching (deeply emergent conversations) can occur within many formats. Taking walks, hiking, or sitting outdoors has reaped an abundance of benefits for my clients’ reflections and discovering new ways of being.

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Renee Charney, PhD, PCC




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Business Coaching, Business Communication Skills, Business Teams, Communication, Corporate, Creativity, Executive Coaching, Leadership, Management Skills, Manager as Coach, Time Management / Goal Setting / Getting Organized

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Through collaborative partnering, I contribute to executives’, leaders’, and teams’ growth, potential, and development as they seek to gain clarity of what is most important for them and for their organizations.  Drawing from over 25 years working in large corporations, as a scholar and practitioner of leadership and change, and by offering powerful questions my clients and I explore issues, identify solutions, and remove barriers that might potentially block their success.

My interest is centered in coaching and facilitating individual, leadership, and team growth, and in leading initiatives that influence ongoing development and capacity-building through learning and discovery. I engage with others as a “thought partner” (rather than as an expert with all the answers) and fully embrace that my clients are whole human beings with experiences and strengths, so they may draw from those intuitive strengths to explore, come to know, deepen awareness, and unlock their potential, and ultimately achieve sustainable action and results.

As a result of my commitment to asking powerful questions and develop capability, my clients are able to create and own their solutions, develop and nurture deeply effective relationships, enhance their individual and their team’s performance, and achieve business results that span, and are inclusive of, them as leader and the collective in which they serve.

Various assessments and tools help my clients tap into who they are and how they wish to shift their mindsets. Certified and qualified to administer MBTI, DiSC, EQ-i, Hogan Leadership Suite, and more, and using a lens and framework drawn from Tolbert’s, Kegan’s, and Cook-Greuter’s stage development work, I meet them “where they are” and navigate their growth as it aligns to their development position, both current and where they wish to grow.