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Business Coaching, Business Communication Skills, Business Teams, Communication, Home-based Business, Leadership, Management Skills, Manager as Coach, Personal Coaching, Presentation / Public Speaking, Relationship, Time Management / Goal Setting / Getting Organized

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Jamie Sussel Turner is The Less Stress Business Coach. She is a PCC credentialed coach with ICF. Jamie developed an original coaching approach that reduces the stress of a business owner or executive by up to 75%. Jamie is the author of: Less Stress Business: A Guide for Hiring, Coaching and Leading Great Employees which has been awarded as a finalist in the National Indie Book Awards of Excellence.

Jamie has over 8 years of coaching experience. She served on the executive board of ICF-NJ and and professional development committee. She is a certified facilitator of Fierce Conversations® as well as a Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach.

Jamie earned dual masters degrees in Educational Administration and Elementary Education. Prior to becoming a coach she was an elementary school principal, in Fair Haven, New Jersey, which is where she honed her leadership and communication skills.

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Jamie Sussel Turner’s ideal clients are stressed out business owners, managers, and executives. If you rate your leadership stress above a 5 (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being maxed out stress), and you are growth-oriented and willing to take yourself on, then you are Jamie’s ideal client.
Jamie would love to support you in learning strategies for cutting your stress in half or more! Jamie offers a complimentary coaching session so, give her a call or email to schedule your session and learn if Jamie is a fit for your needs.

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Here are a few testimonials from Jamie’s clients. Jamie welcomes calls or emails to schedule a complimentary coaching session.

“I hired Jamie Turner to coach my manager on her leadership and management skills. The results have been astonishing and quantifiable. In just 12 weeks, our average ticket at both centers improved by 10%. Qualitatively, I have seen amazing strides by my manager, who has improved in many areas including motivating and leading our associates. Her confidence has sky rocketed and as a result, I’ve seen one more benefit I never expected……worry free sleep filled nights and free time to pursue my other interests!” — Rob Bixon, CEO, Business Gift Company, European Wax Center Franchisee

“I just reviewed my 2011 financial statements with a business adviser who said, ‘Wow, 30% growth in a bad economy, maybe I should be doing what you are!’ So, what did I do? I hired Jamie! She helped me see how to step up and be a better leader. I no longer run from hard conversations, ignore troubling situations, repair other people’s drama, or fail to follow through. My business now has huge financial growth AND a balanced culture of communication, creativity and learning. In over 100 sessions Jamie and I built a lasting relationship, and I can’t imagine my business without her.” — Christine Zilinski, Owner of Salon Concrete