ICF Renewal: Let’s Inspire Each Other with our Stories

    It’s that time of year again: renewal of your ICF membership. Very shortly you’ll be receiving emails about the logistics of renewing, incentives for renewing early and even a brand new feature: automatic renewal.

    Now is the perfect time to think about the value of an ICF membership. What has being a part of the ICF community of coaches done for you, personally and professionally? How about ICF NJ in particular? How has it helped you in your practice? Why would you encourage others to be an ICF member? What is indispensable to you about your ICF membership?

    So we invite you to share your stories. The comment section is open and we hope to hear from you. Perhaps you can inspire someone who is on the fence. You may be able to provide just that information or insight that will be so meaningful to others.

    We value your membership and we hope you will renew. And when you do, don’t forget to choose ICF NJ as your chapter!


    1. Denise

      Feb. 4, 2020

      The ICF Credential says to me (and often clients I work with) that you take the profession seriously, and that is why I always renew.

    2. Brien Dunphy

      Feb. 3, 2020

      I can say, without hesitation, my membership in ICF-NJ has made me both a better coach and a more successful/profitable professional. This is largely due to the combination of amazing personal connections and content-filled events the chapter held. What makes this even more meaningful to me is the fact that I was NOT looking for it. (I initially chose the NJ chapter because I was forced to pick a chapter when I registered with Global i just chose what was most local). I never realized the value I was about to receive. Being at the events and community groups gave me necessary professional content and introduced me to fellow coaches which challenged me and and expanded my thinking. ICF-NJ has improved both my coaching and my bottom line.


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