What? Me, Triggered?

    As coaches, we’ve all done a great deal of personal and professional training. We’ve been seminared, webinared and workshopped, trained, mentored, coached and therapized. We’re into self-care, self-improvement, consciousness-raising and skills development. We take responsibility for ourselves and we take our role as coaches seriously. Are we done yet?

    Perhaps we can all agree to lovingly accept ourselves exactly as we are and then ask, How can I do better? Isn’t it wonderful to have the opportunity to continue to develop ourselves personally and professionally? And isn’t it in our DNA as coaches, to always be on the lookout for better and better ways to deepen our self knowledge as we build our coaching skills? The ICF thinks this is so important that they made developing an ongoing reflective practice, engaging in ongoing learning and development, mentally and emotionally preparing for sessions part of its core competencies.

    Depending on where you are in your life and coaching practice right now, what’s the best way for you? A great place to start is by simply observing yourself with a keen eye and asking a simple question: What triggers me these days? I’m sailing along feeling pretty good and confident, then all of a sudden, I’m in a tailspin. I’m working with a client and something they say or don’t say takes me right out of the present moment. I’m in a meeting with a new client, which is not going well and I freeze up.

    Triggers can be a great opportunity to reflect upon what we’d like to do better or they can be an uncomfortable loss of presence and resolve. If you’d like to Be a Trigger Proof Coach, join us on Thursday, February 27th, as we excavate the truth about triggers and explore the possibilities of a trigger-proof life.

    Wendy Dolber, ACC, MA, is the President of Dialogues in Self Discovery LLC. She is a Belief Centered Life Coach, Option Method Master Teacher, Author, Workshop Leader, and yoga teacher.


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