Coachesgiving - A Night of Community, Gratitude and Generosity

    Tuesday night was truly a banner night for our chapter. Convening at Grateful Bites in Flemington (a fantastic restaurant with a transformative mission -, the membership gathered for the ICF NJ annual meeting.

    The evening was filled with not only the spirit of gratitude, but pride in the accomplishments of the past year, and excitement for the year ahead.

    EPD Director, Lynn Schaber, set the tone for the evening by leading the room in a thought provoking ice breaker to get the energy going. Renee Charney followed suit in directing attention to the theme of gratitude through poetry, which prompted the room to share personal insights and thankfulness.

    While the staff served delicious meals prepared by the culinary apprentices, Chapter President Andrea Harvey helped us reflect on the amazing accomplishments achieved in 2019 (detailed summary soon to be posted on the website).

    Lastly President-Elect Brien Dunphy addressed the assembly, painting a picture of exciting opportunities which lie ahead. Dunphy made particular mention of his gratitude for all those who had gone before the incoming 2020 board as he also noted “we are inheriting a chapter which is healthier and stronger than at any point in its history.”

    The night concluded with the presenting of the newly elected 2020 board and a special gift presented to Andrea Harvey in gratitude for her term as President.

    Rounding out both the night’s theme of gratitude and the 2019 theme of “giving back and paying it forward,” the chapter presented the Grateful Bites owner with a donation check of $750 in support and solidarity with their mission to “revolutionize the differently-abled world.”

    To learn more about the event, check out the vlog by our president-elect Brien Dumphy -


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