Newsletter Advertising


The ICF-NJ Monthly Newsletter offers these benefits:

  • Access to over 800 colleagues in coaching and related businesses
  • Frequent exposure opportunities
  • Reduced ad rates for multiple announcements

Advertising Investment:

Single newsletter ad $150purchase-now-btn
Two newsletter ads: one ad version in two consecutive newsletters $175purchase-now-btn
3 consecutive newsletter ads: one ad version in three consecutive newsletters $190purchase-now-btn

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Terms and Conditions:

ICF-NJ will place Announcements and Classifieds that directly relate to or support our members and the field of coaching. Decisions regarding the placement of ads are made by the editorial staff with the support of the board.

Submission and Release Dates:

The monthly newsletter is sent out on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Ad content and payment must be submitted to the ICF- NJ on or before the third Monday of the month in order to be released on time.

Ad Content Requirements:

  • One graphic image per ad, up to 350 x 200 pixels in size
  • If a graphic is to be used, a separate GIF or JPEG file format must be submitted