Email Blast Advertising


What is an ‘Email Blast’?

An ‘Email Blast’ is an ad placed in our weekly e-blasts. These weekly e-blasts typically promote any upcoming events that we have planned for the chapter and is sent out to the membership of ICF-NJ.

Criteria for Email Blast:

Email Blast advertisers must be ICF accredited organizations. The products and services offered must assist our coaching community to either grow their business or to build their coaching skills.


The ICF-NJ limits the number of email blasts sent out to its membership to TWO per month. This is not two advertisers per email blast; it’s TWO separate advertising email blasts sent to the membership per month. We do this so that messages from our fabulous advertisers are not watered down by the quantity of ads, and therefore, our membership is appreciative of the quality of the messages coming to them.

Email Blasts can be reserved and scheduled for delivery for the following two slots:

Position 1: Second Thursday of the month

Position 2: Fourth Thursday of the month

Advertising Investment:

1 email blast $150
4 email blasts for the price of 3! $450


Ad Content Requirements

Advertiser provides the content, images and format for the email blast. There is no word limit to an email blast, although we recommend keeping the content length reasonable.

Complex email blasts:

A complex email blast is one that contains custom fonts, images, formatting, color and usually resembles a PDF file.

  • ICF-NJ must receive the content of complex ad copy in HTML format, ready to be inserted into a template ready for mailing.
  • Content must be received 1 week before the scheduled release date.

Simple email blasts:

A simple email blast has ad copy in addition to one, two, or three simply placed images.

  • ICF-NJ must receive an email or Word doc with the text and image arranged in the way the advertiser would like the email blast to look.
  • All .GIF or .JPG files must be attached separately. ICF-NJ will format the simple email blast.
  • Content must be received 1 week before the scheduled release date.


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