About Us

    ABOUT ICF New Jersey 

    ICF New Jersey was original established in 1997 and incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the name of New Jersey Professional Coaches Association.  We grew quickly and became a Charter Chapter of the International Coaching Federation in 1998. 

    In 2013, we rebranded our Chapter, adopting the ICF New Jersey logo and visibly demonstrating our connection to the global coaching community.   As professional coaches, we inspire insight, innovation, leadership and purposeful action for our clients, our members, our local and global community, so that desired and sustainable results are achieved by all.

    We would like to honor those who have led our journey over the past 20+ years and thank them for their service to the Chapter, its members and our community:

    Name  (Year(s) Served)

    Val Williams  (1997)

    Ellen Fredericks & In Remembrance Lisa Huff  (1998, 1999)

    Natalie Gahrmann & Ron Paxton  (2000, 2001)

    Sandy Newman  (2002)

    Donna Gerhauser  (2003)

    Edmond Antoine  (2004)

    Frank Ciecierski  (2005)

    Jim Gober  (2006)

    Richard Canter  (2007)

    Lynn Schaber  (2008, 2009)

    Elise Holtzman  (2010)

    Brooke Manino  (2011)

    Anthony Calabrese  (2012)

    Fran McTernan  (2013)

    Andrea Harvey  (2014, 2018, 2019)

    Jennifer Smith  (2015)

    Renee Robertson  (2016, 2017)

    Brien Dunphy  (2020)