ICF NJ Webinar Recordings

    The ICF New Jersey Chapter is pleased to offer you the opportunity to view recordings of previously offered webinars on a variety of topics. Below is a list of recordings available.

    “Be a Trigger-Proof Coach with 5 Easy Questions”
    “Discover the ICF Updated Core Competency Model”
    “Legally Protecting Your Coaching Business through Effective Contracts”

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    Webinar Title: Be a Trigger-Proof Coach with 5 Easy Questions

    Presented By: Wendy Dolber, ACC, MA, Belief Centered Coach, Option Method Master Teacher

    Webinar Date: February 27, 2020


    As coaches, the last thing we want is to get triggered in a coaching session. Triggers take us right out of the present moment, drastically diminish our listening skills and otherwise pull the rug out from under our core competencies.

    We all have ways of coping with triggers, but what if we can do better? In this 90-minute interactive webinar, Wendy Dolber will introduce you to a technique that you can use to efficiently and effectively “detrigger” your personal and professional life.

    Here are some of the questions we’ll consider:

    • What triggers you?
    • What are triggers really all about?
    • What’s the one element that all triggers share?
    • How can you defuse and even eliminate triggers in your personal and professional life?
    • How can you help your clients defuse and eliminate triggers?
    • What are the 5 easy questions that work like a charm?

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    Non-Members - $20

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    Webinar Title:

    Discover the ICF Updated Core Competency Model

    Presented By:

    Elias Scultori, PCC

    Webinar Date:

    January 13, 2020


    Missed our January 13th webinar "Discover the ICF Updated Core Competency Model"? You can listen to a recording of the webinar by clicking the link below. Elias Scultori, PCC, facilitates a wonderful discussion on the updated ICF Core Competency Model. He includes in the webinar:
    • A comparison between the present and updated models,
    • An overview of the updating process, and
    • An overview of the new model and next steps.


    Webinar Title:

    Legally Protecting Your Coaching Business through Effective Contracts

    Presented By: 

    Gene Policastri, Attorney

    Webinar Date:

    July 18, 2018


    In this 90-minute webinar recording, Gene Policastri, attorney, discusses the critical language that should be included in every coaching – client contract or services agreement.

    Topics include:

    • Establishing the coaching agreement

    • Setting appropriate guidelines and parameters of the relationship including payment of fees and managing risk

    • Drafting an effective scope of services that clearly communicates to the client that coaching is not therapy, consulting or other professional services


    $20 - Once the recording is paid for, you will receive a link to be able to access it.

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